Install Magento On Google Cloud

Google Cloud Engine (GCE) offers reliability and highly scalable infrastructure for Magento, WordPress, Prestashop, and core PHP developers for building, testing and deploying web apps. Especially, developers can create applications for backend, mobile and web solutions.

To launch and integrate of a sophisticated Content Management System (CMS) and cloud infrastructure like Magento, Google Cloud, you should have a vast experience of system administration. In case you are not familiar with system administration or you need to deploy Magento on Google Cloud, it will take a significant amount of effort and time.

Some Advantages of Hosting Magento Store on Google Cloud

1. Uptime

2. Speed

3. Reliability

4. Scalability

Why Choose Cloudways for Hosting Magento on Google Cloud

If you choose Google Cloud Engine directly from Google, you might find it challenging. Hosting Magento on Google Cloud Engine is not easy for novice users.There is a lot to do before deploying Magento on Google Cloud servers. If you go for manual deployment, you would need to purchase a GCE license. After that, you need to create an SSH connection. The installation process takes too much time, and if something goes wrong, you will have to restart the whole procedure.



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